Network Team

tedandelisabeth piture
Ted Kaplan, MD, Founder and Director, and Elisabeth Kaplan, LPN, Co-founder
We first visited Cap Haitien in April 2008 and were shown some of the projects and organizations working in the area. We noted that the projects did not seem to know what the others were doing, or even that they existed, and saw many situations where one project had solutions or resources that could help the others. Some linkages naturally followed, and it was apparent that this was a way where we could make an impact on the terrible problems we were seeing.

We went back to our home in Florida and began an ongoing email networking effort. The first live meeting of the new Cap Haitien Health Network was held at Hotel Christophe June 2008 with 8 other attendees besides our family. We also held mobile clinics in the not-as-yet opened St. Anthony's clinic and at the new Haiti Hospital Appeal clinic. From this we developed Projet Dokte Chak Semenn, a plan to work with The Haiti Mission and our new friend Dr. Eugene to hire Haitian doctors to attend weekly at St. Anthony's and other clinics that did not have or could not afford to hire a full time doctor. We have returned 2-3 times per year to bring teams of medical volunteers to do mobile clinics in the areas that receive the least attention and work towards each of these sites getting their own ongoing care providers. The Network was called on to assist in the coordination of efforts to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, at which time Elisabeth came with our infant son and spent 3 months forwarding the cause of coordinating aid responses and new opportunities to receive donated meds and supplies. Later in the year, the Network was again vital in coordinating response to the ongoing cholera crisis. Now CHHN includes over 60 organizations, and has now held 9 meetings which routinely are attended by over 50 members. In 2010, we achieved the dream of having a permanent ongoing presence to continue Elisabeth's successful mission of much needed coordination work every day. Thus the Network Support Team was born.

We live in the Orlando, Florida area, where Ted is a pediatrician and Elisabeth a nurse and now stay-at-home mom to 2 young Haitian-American children.

Djailcovsky Aimable, Network Support Team Leader
I was born in Ranquitte, about a 2 hour drive south of Cap Haitien. I went to primary school in Lavictoire, a village near Ranquitte, and went to secondary school in Cap Haitien. I am graduating from Faculte de Droit Des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion du Cap Haitien with a degree in law. I have worked with many NGOs from the United States doing translations with medical teams in the area. I have helped organize trips for Help Brings Hope for Haiti, Mission Portal Delcielo (a Baptist Mission based in Puerto Rico working in Ranquitte that builds schools and provides food and clothes to poor people), as well as several parishes in the north and northeast provinces. I love working for the Cap Haitien Health Network as a volunteer because I understand that it is a non-profit organization that does a good job distributing supplies to different clinics and seeking new ways to help people in Haiti.

Dr Eugene.bmp
Eugene Maklin, MD, Network Physician


Tenel Borgella, Distribution Volunteer