Is there a poster in Creole educating people about handwashing? 
What handbooks are available for training health workers? 
What other agencies are coordinating health activities in Haiti?
What is required to register with the MSPP?

The following files and websites are drawn from a variety of organizations and sources, as well as from our members (thanks particularly to Konbit Sante!)  To post a resource, simply email the file or link, along with a sentence or two of description, to  Also email us with your thoughts on any of the resources or on how we can make this site more effective.

Categories include:

  • Announcements and frequent updates (recommended web bookmarks)
  • Cholera (education, reports, etc)
  • Educating the public on health issues:  lessons, fact sheets, etc.
  • Forming a health organization in Haiti
  • General guidance for clinicians
  • Governance and Coordination Agencies; country-wide reports and plans
  • Managing a health facility or organization
  • Particular health problems and diseases:  information for clinicians
  • Supplies and Shipping
  • Training community health workers:  lessons, handbooks, etc.
  • Traveling to and working in Haiti from abroad
  • Websites with resources across topics
  • Meeting minutes (Cap Health Network, Health Cluster, etc.)

The columns for links to each language (Creole, French, and English) refer to whether the website or file is published in that language.  Copy the link into your web browser to access the file or webpage.  For webpages not published in your preferred language, type in the website address at Google Translator to get a full translation in any language you choose.

The following resources are organized by topic, but if you are looking for a particular topic it may also be helpful to do a text search for a particular word. 
On most computers, hold down Control (Ctrl) and press the "F" key, which will allow you to search for a word of interest.

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